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15.11.2018 new

DOT tones down its letter dated 6.11.2018 : It is reported by AIBSNLEA that DOT has toned down its letter dated 6.11.2018 on Secretary, DOT's intervention and issued another letter to BSNL yesterday, wherein it is mentioned that DoT queries are to be immediately replied by BSNL and thereafter DoT will take immediate action on 3rd PRC recommendations. Regarding Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic DoT will give a positive note to DOE and the Cabinet Note approved by Hon’ble MOSC(I/C) has been sent for Inter-Ministerial Circulation.

It may be noted that, in a similar fashion, DOT withdrew its letter dated 21.2.2018 rejecting implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL just two days prior to the meeting AUAB had with Hon'ble MoSC on 24.2.2018.

14.11.2018 new

AUAB gives call to organise indefinite strike from 03.12.2018 : The Meeting of AUAB was held today at New Delhi. Com. Chandeswar Singh, Chairman, AUAB presided the meeting and explained the situation of 3rd PRC and other demand of AUAB. Com.P.Abhimanyu, Convenor, welcomed all and presented the agenda for discussion. The meeting was attended by Com.K.Sebastin, GS, SNEA, Com.Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNLMS , Com.Pathak, AGS, AIGETOA, Com. Revti Prasad, AGS BSNL ATM, Com.Abdul Samad, AGS, TEPU, Com.A.A Khan, President, SNEA, Com.Sivakumar, President, AIBSNLEA and others.

The meeting reviewed the ongoing struggle and took serious exception to the letter dated 06.11.2018, issued by the DoT, wherein all our demands were rejected.The meeting decided to call on the employees to organise indefinite strike from 03.12.2018. The meeting also decided to boycott the execution of all government projects like NOFN, NFS and LWE from 03.12.2018.

AUAB Circular on decisions taken in the meeting held today : Click here.

We have to make preparations from now on to make the indefinite strike a total success.


Relevant parts of Letter sent to BSNL by DOT on 3rd PRC (taken from AIBSNLEA website) : Click here.


Guidelines for forwarding of applications of BSNL employees for outside Direct Employment : Click here.


Computer based online examination training to LICE aspiring Group C and D candidates : Click here.


Report on the AUAB's Meeting with Secretary, DOT on 02.11.2018 : Click here.


Our Heritage - The Great Citadel of Transformative Years - Telecom Editorial : Click here.


BSNL may not get 4G spectrum this year - News report : Click here.


Secretary DOT to meet AUAB leaders on 2.11.2018 : Click here.


Consumer Price Index for the month of September 2018 is 301.


LICE to the cadre of JTO for vacancy years 2016-17 & 2017-18 to be held on 20.1.2019 : Click here.


Representations/Court cases for grant of status of DOT employee absorbed in BSNL : Click here.


Dependency of Parents for BSNLMRS - clarification : Click here.


Corporate Office calls for Data of candidates who got minimum qualifying marks in JAO Part II LICE against 40% quota but not promoted due to not coming in the merit : Click here.


Meeting of the Joint Committee for wage revision of NE employees of BSNL : The joint wage revision committee met today under the Chairmanship of Shri H.C. Pant. Discussions were mainly on HRA. Official Side intimated that HRA will be freezed. This was strongly opposed by the Staff Side and demanded that HRA be paid on New Scales. Official Side informed that it will get back to the Management and further discussions will be on in the next meeting.


BSNL orders on IDA increase w.e.f.01.10.2018 : BSNL order ... DPE order.


Meeting with CMD : President and General Secretary met CMD., BSNL today and held discussions on various issues. During the meeting, CMD has assured that all the Medical Bills will be cleared in 4-5 days. NFTE raised the need for implementing a New Promotion Policy for Non Executives for which CMD responded positively.


All Unions and Associations of BSNL held its meeting at New Delhi on 8.10.2018 : Click here.


DPE orders on IDA increase w.e.f.01.10.2018 : Click here.


Meeting of the Joint Committee for wage revision of NE employees of BSNL : The joint wage revision committee met today under the Chairmanship of Shri H.C. Pant. The staff side demanded enhancement of maximum of NE-4 and NE-5 scales by one increment to prevent stagnation. The official side agreed to consider this. The next meeting will take place on 09-10-2018 at 1530 hours in which allowances etc will be discussed.


Wage Revision of Non Executives - so far : Click here.


Fixation of Pay under FR 22 (1) (a) (i) to officiating JTOs : Click here.


Meeting of the Joint Committee for wage revision of NE employees of BSNL : The meeting took place today under the Chairmanship of Shri H.C. Pant. Staff Side has accepted the Pay scales given by the Management on 10.9.2018. However, one week time was sought to carefully go through the Pay scales again so as to avoid any chances of stagnation. The next meeting will be held on 28.09.2018.


Corporate Office instructions on preparation and submission of agenda for Councils : Click here.


Meeting of the Joint Committee for wage revision of NE employees of BSNL : The meeting took place today under the Chairmanship of Shri H.C. Pant. Surprisingly management made an about turn and was not inclined to increase span of scales to avoid stagnation on the plea of deposit of pension contribution to DOT. The staff side resisted and made it clear not to accept the proposal in which stagnation chances occur. Fitment below 15% will also be not acceptable. After prolonged discussions the management gave a proposal of scales which will be discussed on 11-09-2018 at 15.00 hours between BSNLEU and NFTE. The next meeting with the management side will be held on 14-09-2018 at 1530 hours. Click here.


Corporate Office order on change of Designation of certain Non Executive cadres : Click here.


Minutes of the meeting of Joint Committee for wage revision of non-executive employees of BSNL held on 27.8.2018 : Click here.


NFTE demands new Promotion Policy to Non Executives : Click here.


Clarification on Compassionate Ground Appointments : Click here.


Meeting of the Joint Committee for wage revision of NE employees of BSNL : The Joint Committee for wage revision met yesterday. The Management side proposed a minimum of Rs.18600/- for NE-1 scale, i.e., by applying a multiplication factor of 2.4. The Staff side demanded a minimum of Rs.19000/- for NE-1 (multiplication factor - 2.44) which was agreed to be considered by the Management side.

Due to payment of Pension Contribution at the maximum of scales, Management side is for restricting the Maximum of the pay scales. Staff side demanded the span of scales is such that Non executives do not face stagnation. Discussions will continue in the next meeting scheduled on 10.9.2018.


Corporate Office clarification on Child Care Leave in case of Disabled Children : Click here.


Minutes of the meeting of Joint Committee for wage revision of non-executive employees w.e.f. 01-01-2017 in BSNL held on 9.8.2018 : Click here.


Clarification on Compassionate Ground Appointments : Click here.


Staff Side of the National Council submits its Note to the Chairman, Wage Revision Committee, on Revision of Pay Scales to Non Executive Employees of BSNL w.e.f.01.01.2017 : Click here.


Clarifications on Compassionate Ground Appointments : Click here ...&... Click here.


Q&A in Rajya Sabha - Expansion of BSNL mobile infrastructure : Click here.


Question and Answer in Lok Sabha - Financial condition of BSNL and MTNL : Click here.

Number of Mobile Towers installed by BSNL and MTNL during last 3 years : Click here.


Minutes of the meeting held on 24.7.2018 between Director(HR) and NFTE BSNL : Click here.


Minutes of the Joint Committee meeting held on 20.7.2018 to recommend Wage structure for Non Executive Employees of BSNL : Click here.


Corporate Office clarification on Minutes of Council Meetings : Click here.


Constitution of Joint Committee to recommend Wage structure for Non Executive Employees w.e.f. 01.01.2017 in BSNL : Click here.


Medical Allowance to Retired Employees : Medical Allowance without vocher reduced to 25% of the amount payable against Voucher, i.e., 25% of 23 days LPD + April IDA, subject to a minimum of Rs.12000/- per year : Click here.


Due to opposition from Unions/Associations, Management drops its proposal to reduce Outdoor Treatment ceiling under BSNLMRS to 12 days Salary. It will be 23 days Pay+DA on 78.2 % IDA : Click here.


Release of pensionary benefits to a retiree against whom personal court cases (other than departmental) is pending in the competent court : Click here.


Immunity from Transfer - clarification :  Click here.


Wage Revision Committee for Non Executives constituted - Management addresses Recognised Unions to nominate members : Click here.


Decisions taken in the meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL held on 26.6.2018 : Click here.


Opening of Service Book, Issuance of MRS Card at the time of provisional appointment in respect of Direct Recruit JTOs/JEs/CGA appointees, etc : Click here.


Copy of DOT letter dated 20.3.2018 addressed to DPE on relaxing affordability criteria for revision of Wages in BSNL : Click here.


Discontinuance of Family Planning Allowance for adoption of Small Family norms : Click here.


Membership in Local Councils - clarification : Click here.


Grievance Redressal Cell for Retired Employees formed in Corporate Office : Click here.


DOT's reply to BSNL on Wage Negotiations in r/o Non Executives in BSNL : Click here.


Recovery of excess/wrongful payments to employees of BSNL - TN Circle instructions : Click here.


Review of extension of Medical Facility without voucher to Retired employees : Click here.


DPE replies DOT on 3rd PRC : DPE sends in a reply to DOT's letter dated 20.3.2018 stating that relaxation to DPE guidelines on affordability clause would require the approval of the Cabinet for which DoT may examine the issue at its end for necessary action : Click here.


Examination of the subject Review of Loss making CPSUs by Committee on Public Undertakings : Click here.


Corporate Office circulates list of Office Bearers of NFTE BSNL : Click here.


Corporate Office issues clarification on Check-off System : Click here.


Management contemplates Check off System instead of Membership Verification : Click here.


Extension of benefits to DR JEs selected as JTOs through GATE - Clarification : Click here.


Implementation of Supreme Court Judgment on recovery of excess/ wrongful payments made to employees in BSNL - clarification : Click here.


Instructions on retention of original documents like mark sheet, community certificate, etc in respect of Directly Recruited JTO/JEs - reg : Click here.


Report on meeting between Hon'ble Shri Manoj Sinha and All Unions and Associations of BSNL : Click here.


DPE reply to NFTE's letter addressed to Hon'ble PM on Wage Revision to Non Executives in BSNL. Contains advice to approach DOT for getting exemption to affordability clause from the Union Cabinet : Click here.


Wage Revision : We place all the Editorials on ' Wage Revision in BSNL ' which appeared over a period of one year in our CHQ journal ' Telecom ' to refresh our memory : Click here.


BSNL sends reminder to DOT on issue of guidelines to start negotiations for Wage Revision of NE employees working in BSNL : Click here.


Updated FAQ on constitution of National / Circle / Local Council : Forwarding letter ... FAQ.


DPE issues Wage Policy for the 8th round of wage negotiations for Non Executives in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) : Click here.


List of recognised Hospitals under BSNLMRS in Chennai : Click here.


Implementation of Supreme Court Judgment on recovery of Excess/Wrongful payments made : Click here.


Exemptions to affordability clause as mentioned in 3rd PRC report : Click here.

Last 3 years Financial Performance of PSEs : Click here.


DPE Office Memorandum on implementation of 3rd PRC : Pay Revision of Board level and below Board level Executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of CPSEs w.e.f 01.01.2017 : Click here.


Safeguards while issuing pay fixation orders in respect of employees of BSNL : Click here.


Amendment to BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Issue of orders which have a bearing on pension and pensionary benefits - DOT Circular : Click here.


Recovery of Excess Payments - Corporate Office instructions : Click here.

Rafiq Masih vs State of Punjab - Copy of the Judgement on Recovery of Excess Payment.


Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Immunity from Transfers to the Recognised representative Unions of Non Executives : Click here.


PCCA., TN Circular on recovery of dues (other than departmental) from the retirement benefits : Click here.


Guidelines regarding recovery of excess / wrongful payments made to employees of BSNL : Click here.


Report of 3rd Pay Revision Committee for Central PSEs Effective from 1st January 2017 : Click here.

Recommendations at a glance : Click here.


FAQ on Councils in BSNL : Click here.


Niti Aayog, in June 2016, has recommended to Government selling of BSNL and some other PSUs. Now, Prime Minister's Office has asked for the status of implementation of Niti Aayog's recommendation. Click here.


BSNL constitutes Wage Revision Committee for Non Executives - but without any members from the Recognised Unions. Click here.


Amendment to BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Constitution of Wage Revision Committee of Non-Executives - regarding : Click here.


Orders for payment of HRA on 78.2% IDA issued : Click here.


Revision of scales of pay of Board Level and below Board level Executives of BSNL w.e.f. 01.01.2007 -Clarification :Click here.


Office Accomodation to Recognised Representative Unions of Non-Executive Employees : Click here.


Recognition orders to BSNLEU & NFTE : Click here. Formation of Councils viz., National Council, Circle Councils & Local Councils : Click here.

Facilities to Recognised Unions and to Unions which have secured more than 2% votes : Click here.


Comparison of votes - Tamilnadu Circle : Click here.


Comparison of Votes -  6th Membership Verification & 7th Membership verification : Click here.


7th Membership Verification - Official Results : Click here.


7th Membership Verification - Results : Click here.


Orders issued for Designation change of Non Executive cadres : Click here.


Revision in Weightage points for CGA : Click here.


Rule 8 Transfers to be applied through ERP Portal only : Click here.


Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Compassionate ground appointment to the dependents of deceased officials who died due to accidents while on duty: Click here.


Amendments to BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Corporate Office instructions on avoiding restrictions in Outdoor Claims on the basis of CGHS rates. Click here.


Timely settlement of Medical claims of Retired employees : Click here.


Guidelines for reversion from the cadre of JTO to the parent cadre, i.e., TTA : Click here.


Compassionate Appointment cases - clubbing of Group C & D vacancies : Click here.


Implementation of BSNL Transfer Policy in Circles : Click here.


Immunity from Transfer : Corporate office instructions on immunity from transfer to the Office bearers of Recognised Unions : Click here.


Immunity from Transfer to Union Office Bearers : Click here.


Joint Meeting to evolve new scheme of Bonus/PLI based on PMS on 27.01.2015 : Achievement figures against some Key Performance Indicators.


CGHS Chennai Rates w.e.f. 17.11.2014 : Click here.


Compassionate ground appointment - change of procedure - clarifications : Click here.


BSNL Employees Transfer policy (updated upto 24.11.2014) : Click here.


Clarification on application of yearly ceiling towards settlement of bills of outdoor treatment under BSNLMRS : Click here.


Constitution of Local Councils at Circle HQs and SSA levels - guidelines : Click here.


Recognition orders to NFTE-BSNL and BSNLEU : Click here.


Facilities to NFTE and BSNLEU & as well to Unions which secured more than 2 % votes: Click here.

Facilities to Recognised Representative Unions & to those who secured more than 2% votes. Click here.

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